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There must be countless songs written down the years by unsung songwriters, which have never been widely heard, beyond a few punters on a rainy Thursday night.


Some bands and singers might have had local success but never had that slice of luck to propel them into the mainstream.


It’s a real shame as undoubtedly there would have been some real gems amongst those songs.


Originally from South London, SYSTEM X was one of several bands featuring Mike Harper (Vocals/Guitar/Keys), Sean Gibson (Vocals/Bass) and Nick Harper (Drums) performing many original songs as well as the odd cover version.


To preserve for posterity, our original songs which might otherwise be lost forever, we have decided to put them ‘out there’, perhaps releasing a couple of tracks every 6-8 weeks or so, and an album length collection of tracks every six months or so.

Jump to the Media page to see details of our releases so far, all of which are available on each of the major streaming sites e.g. Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube, Apple Music, Deezer and many more.


To keep abreast of news about upcoming SYSTEM X releases, come back and visit us regularly.




As well as our indie-rock songs, we have also written many, many soft and gentle songs. We feel that these are better represented under a different band name. Rather than use our own names, we felt that HOT PIG could stand out so much more.

To the future then, where SYSTEM X and HOT PIG releases at least for the time being will share this medium for band news.

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